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Interbright’s Free Fostering Advice Service was set up by Viv Doolan in 2016.  As a qualified Social Worker, Viv Doolan has worked with Looked After Children and has worked for numerous Fostering Services since she qualified as a Social Worker in 2008. Viv has undertaken numerous roles in the fostering sector and still practices as an Independent Reviewing Officer to ensure her knowledge of fostering practice is relevant and up to date.

Within the fostering sector, Viv identified that many services had a shortage of Foster Carers.


Viv said:

‘The shortage of Foster Carers directly impacted on the children who were coming into care. Very often, due to shortages of Foster Carers, children would need to be placed with a fostering family a significant distance from their birth family’s home. So not only were they being removed from their birth family, which is very traumatizing, they would also lose their wider support network, their school, their friends and their community due to the significant change to their location. Seeing the children experience this at first hand as the family’s Social Worker was the catalyst…I needed to do something about it.

At that time I also knew that The Fostering Network had advised that there was a shortage of approximately 10,000 Foster Carers in the UK. So I knew that this issue was not specific to my own working location…it was a nationwide issue for children coming into care.’

Interbright’s Fostering Advice Service is a ‘passion project’ where the aim is to raise the profile of fostering, find fantastic people who would like to foster and offer an independent service to help people on the right path. Viv uses her many years of fostering experience to fully vet fostering services before recommending them to prospective Foster Carers.


Viv asks the questions people new to fostering would not necessarily know to ask when they are new to the fostering world. Only the best services are recommended through Interbright and all must have either a ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating to meet the initial criteria to become a recommended service.

The ground work done with the recommended services ensures that as a prospective new Foster Carer, you will receive the very best service and support through your fostering journey. Happy and well supported Foster Carers leads to better matching for children coming into care.


With more Foster Carers available in the UK, children are more likely to be placed with a family where their other support networks can be maintained which is crucial to the child’s wellbeing.

Interbright has been running for a number of years now and we are very happy to say we work in partnership with a number of fantastic services that are fully committed to providing excellent support to their Foster Carers. We have dealt with thousands of enquiries from people interested in fostering who want to use our recommendation service.

‘Viv says, ’The best part of what I do is calling the families after they have been approved and they are just waiting to find their first matched child. I’ve been in the fostering world now for fifteen years and I can honestly say it’s the most amazing thing a person could ever do, people are so excited when they are approved and ready to get going…amazing experiences await ! Its not easy….. but nothing satisfying or rewarding was ever easy to come by.’

If you would like to find the best recommended fostering service, Interbright’s service is FREE to use. Let’s get you started on this exciting journey !

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