Fostering Recruitment Service

We help prospective Foster Carers find the best agency in their region. 


What we do.

Interbright provides a free independent advice service for prospective Foster Carers. The service was set up to provide free information and raise awareness about fostering with a view to bridging the gap of the 9,000+ Foster Carers needed in the UK.


Interbright completes Initial Viability Assessments for prospective Foster Carer’s to let them know if they meet the initial criteria to proceed. For those who do, we can, with their express permission, source the best fostering organisation for them and make introductions to allow the organisation to pick up the next phase of the assessment journey, the home visit.


This is an ambitious project but one that is working. I am pleased to say we have a number of very happy Foster Carers in fostering organisations across England, either as approved Foster Carers or currently going through the process to be approved. The service has naturally developed to offer wider recruitment of social work/ assessing staff and retention and support services specifically for the fostering sector.

What we do.

Who we are looking for.

Interbright seeks fostering organisations that we can confidently recommend to our prospective Foster Carers. The fostering organisation needs to demonstrate that they can provide excellent support to prospective Foster Carers both through the assessment process and most importantly on the post approval side.

We are also particularly interested in organisations that value a considered approach to matching that fully involves the Foster Carer. If we have contacted you directly it is because we would like to find out more about your fostering organisation having read your OFSTED report as we may have a prospective Foster Carer that is looking for an organisation in the area that you cover.

A Word from Our Clients