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Can I foster if I have previous convictions?

There are a number of Foster Carers that go through to be approved that have convictions in their past. We can explore this with you and let you know if you can proceed to the next stage based on the information you provide.  

Can I foster if I have had previous Social Services involvement? 

If your own birth children were in foster care, it is unlikely you would be approved to foster. 

People can be approved to foster who have had previous Social Services involvement in another capacity however. We can explore this with you and let you know if you meet the criteria.


For any family who has had prior Social Services involvement a file check will be completed as part of the assessment. 

My partner does not live with us, will he/she need to be involved? 

Yes, they would need to agree to be involved in the assessment if they spend time in the home. They will also need a DBS check completed. 

Can I foster if I smoke?

Yes you can, you would be approved for 5-18 years on your approval as opposed to the standard 0-18 years. You need to agree during the assessment that you will not smoke inside the house or in the car or in any enclosed shared environment whilst transporting a child. 

Can I foster if I have health issues?

If you can function well day to day and your illness is not degenerative or life-threatening chances are you are likely to be medically fit to foster. A medical is completed for all fostering applicants and a fostering medical advisor will look at the medical in relation to the ability to perform the fostering task on a day to day basis. For example, people who have high blood pressure, Diabetes etc can be approved to foster if they are generally well day to day and their health issue is well managed. 

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