How much does a Foster Carer earn?

Foster carers are not voluntary workers. Every Foster Carer receives a fee to care for a child. This is usually split between a payment for the child's needs and a professional fee for you.


The fees payable are usually between:

£400 and £450 per week


This is depending on the organisation you foster through.

We can find this out for you before you decide to proceed with an organisation. 

Earn up to £22.5K tax free as a Foster Carer

Foster carers get tax relief of an additional £10k on top of their personal allowance, so you can earn £22.5k before you start paying any tax!


Additionally, your benefits will usually not be affected. The government has pledged to protect groups like Foster Carers from the ‘Bedroom Tax’.


In most instances you can work part time hours in addition if you wish to as long as your fostering organsiation agrees this and you can meet the needs of the child. 

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