Interbright is revolutionising recruitment in the fostering sector.

Are you tired of overpriced fees for finding staff?

​Are you frustrated that recruitment services have no direct internal knowledge of the sector to fully understand your requirements for incoming staff?

Would you like support with Foster Carer recruitment?

Interbright is run by qualified Social Work
staff with extensive experience within
the fostering sector.

Interbright’s staff have DIRECT INTERNAL knowledge and experience of the following roles within the fostering sector:

Administration/ Business Support Staff

Recruitment Staff

Support Workers/Sessional Staff

Supervising Social Workers

Senior Social Workers/Team Managers

Independent Social Workers

Panel Members


Management/Registered Managers

Consultancy Services

Low rates / excellent value recruitment

Our extensive internal experience of the sector combined with excellent value, (our rates sit below what we feel is an overpriced sector average) ensures that Interbright will be your go to for all your future staffing needs.

Did you know? ...


Interbright is also the only service in the UK that offers a full vetting service for fostering applicants. We complete Initial Viability Assessments for any applicants that come through our Fostering Advice Service.


When fostering applicants meet our partnered agencies criteria, we will recommend them to the agency and the agency will pick up at the Home Visit/Virtual Home Visit stage. We only make one recommendation to our fostering applicants.  


Contact Viv Doolan on:

Office: 01908 269887

Mobile: 07780 683 885 

Email: v.doolan@interbright.co.uk